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Blue Square Trails from Snowdon Mountain

Mouserun, Mts, Killink and Royal Flush MOUSERUN, MTS, KILLINK AND ROYAL FLUSH

These 4 trails fall off the upper shoulder of Snowdon Mountain and roll into Great Northern on its way down to the K-1 and Ramshead Base Lodges. These 4 trails all start in a cluster that can be reached by going left after unloading from either of the two Snowdon Mountain lifts. Killink, the uppermost of the 4 trails, will lead to the North Ridge Triple chair lift if you have a hankering to go back up on the side of Killington Peak. Also, during the early part of the season a terrain park is set up on upper Mouserun, leaving only 3 trails on this side of Snowdon Mountain to choose from.


Blue square level skiers and riders that want to take a back way over to Ramhead Mountain can get there by turning right after offloading either of the Snowdon Mountain lifts, and taking Frolic off to the left. This trail starts out with a bit of grade, makes a few turns, and then turns into a long off-camber flat run the emerges on Ramshead Mountain, crosses Caper, and becomes Easy Street which leads you down to the Ramshead Base Lodge.


Bunnybuster The head of this trail is in the middle between the two Snowdon Mountain chair lifts. It's to the right from the Snowdon Triple, or to the left from the Snowdon Quad. This is a wide trail, usually groomed, that has a classic blue square level pitch to it. The upper section of the trail merges into Great Northern, and follows it around to the left below and past the Snowdon Poma loading area. Bunny Buster continues with the first right turn past the Snowdon Poma and combines with Chute, which is an off-camber middle section, before emerging into a super-wide open area. Bunny Buster leaves Chute and traverses to the right where it terminates in a fork for which either trail will get you to the K-1 Base Lodge area.


This trail head is to the far right of the Snowdon Mountain chair lifts. Basically, Chute follows the Snowdon Quad chair lift. Remember that you''ll have a audience critiquing your style on this trail. The upper section of this off-camber trail is on the steeper side for a blue square level trail, and can get scraped off because of the significant double fall-line nature of the trial. After crossing Great Northern, the mid section of this trail combines with Bunny Buster. It is still off-camber but not quite as extreme. Chute emerges into a super-wide area where several trails converge before continuing down and crossing Great Northern once again before delivering you to the loading area for the Snowdon Quad.


Great Bear branches off to the left about mid way down the upper section of Chute. The blue square part of this offshoot trail is a short loop that runs into Great Northern. It is often bumped up and can be a fun little mogul run when the snow has some cushion.


A little used alternate trail that you can use to get to where Bunny Buster would have delivered you if you missed the Bunny Buster turn.


This little used trail, because it's out of the way, can be really fun when it gets bumped up and the snow is soft. The trail head is reached by taking Frolic to the left from the Snowdon Quad staging area. You can end up at the Snowdon Quad loading area or the K-1 Base Lodge.

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