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Black Diamond Trails from Snowdon Mountain

Black Diamond Trails on Snowdon Mt. ROYAL FLUSH

After Royal Flush crosses Great Northern it becomes a black diamond level trail. It's pretty wide, but it's never groomed. It's steep, and usually bumped up. If there isn't a good base of snow built up there will also be bare spots, and some rock ledge to negotiate around. The trail spills out in the Canyon area and there is little choice but to end up at the K-1 Base Lodge area.


Both of these trails come off of Great Northern, and end up at the K-1 Base Lodge area. Highline is often used for Slalom and Giant Slalom racing. Conclusion is a double black diamond level trail that is not groomed and allowed to provide steep, natural terrain features.


This is a good trail for those skiers and riders transitioning from blue square to black diamond level trails. It's wide, and relatively short with lots of run off options yet it's steep enough to provide the black diamond experience. There is usually a seeded mogul field terrain feature set up on the left side of this trail if you want to play around with black diamond moguls. You will arrive at the crest of Mousetrap if you go straight where Great Northern turns to the left where Bunny Buster runs into it.


This trail can be reached by bearing left toward Frolic from the extreme right side of the Snowdon Mountain staging area. Northstar breaks off to the right. It's on the narrow side, is not groomed, so expect natural terrain features (read bumps). The bottom of the trail runs into and becomes the lower end of Vagabond. GLADES

There are several glades trails on Snowdon Mountain. On the Great Northern side, take Killink toward the North Ridge Triple chair lift and turn left onto Racer's Edge. Although this is maked as just any other trail on the trail map, it is a flatish, narrow trail through the woods that can get bumped up. It emerges on the lower side of Mousetrap. The glades trails The Throne and Chop Chop are accessed off this trail, and emerge on Spillway at the bottom of the Canyons area. Other glades runs include Interceptor from lower Conclusion to the base of Highline; Lowrider which comes off of upper Chute to Caper; and Patsy's that comes off Frolic to Vagabond.

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