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Green Circle Trails from Snowshed Slope


Snowshed Slope To the extreme right of Snowshed Lodge is the Learn To Snowboard area. This is the learning slope for first-time snowboarders, and where Learn To Ride students will initially practice. Lift service for this area is a conveyor belt device like they have at airports that is called the Magic Carpet. The Learn to Ski area is located nearer the K-1 Base Lodge and Learn to Ski students are shuttled to that location.


The top of Snowshed Slope is reached using either the Snowshed Express Quad chair lift, or one of the Snowshed Double chair lifts. After Learn to Ride or Learn to Ski students have reached a basic level of proficiency—able to make turns and control speed—Snowshed Slope provides a fruitful area in which to hone your newfound skills. Snowshed Slope is divided into two parallel trails separated by a row of caged snowmaking guns. The trail on the right has large humps which provide terrain variation and steeper pitches than the trail on the left which is more consistently pitched. This slight difference provides a second step approach. Once you're comfortable on the more consistent side, move over to the other side to step it up a notch before moving over to the trails on Ramshead Mountain.


This trail is a connector trail that provides a path from the top of Snowshed Slope to the K-1 Base Lodge area. Exit the Snowshed Quad and cross the wide flatish area to your right to access Highlander. Or, from either of the Snowshed Doubles, exit to the right onto the trail.


This trail has less pitch than Snowshed Slope but doesn't run all the way back to Snowshed Base Lodge. Rather, it intersects with the last pitch of Snowshed Slope. In some ways this trail is a better option for those that are just transitioning from the Learn to Ski or Learn to Ride areas because of the trail's gentler slope. However, there is a bit of an off-camber aspect to the upper section of this trail that can give you trouble if you don't stay on the high side of the trail and maintain enough speed to get through this section.


This trail is an alternate connector to the Skyeship Gondola mid station that is not a blue square level trail. It branches off of the right side of Snowshed Slope just down from where the trail widens out to the full width.

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