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Snowshed Slope and Base Lodge

Snowshed Base Lodge

Snowshed Base Lodge is home to the adult ski and snowboard school. All adult group and private lessons meet at Snowshed Base Lodge. It is also home to the larger retail outlet of all the base lodges, the largest equipment rental shop, good food service, and a shuttle service transportation hub. For these reasons, Snowshed Base Lodge is often chosen as a base even though all of the Snowshed slope trails are green circle level trails. However, blue square and black diamond level skiers and riders can easily access other parts of the resort using the Snowshed Slope lifts.

Trail options from Snowshed Slope

Snowshed Base Lodge is a good choice for a base for family groups. Adult and childrens ski or snowboard lessons are easily accessible between Snowshed and Ramshead Base Lodges which are connected by an underpass trail. Green circle and blue square level skiers or riders have plenty to choose from between Snowshed and Ramshead, but, along with black diamond level skiers and riders, can easily access the K-1 Base Lodge area or the Slyeship Gondola mid station and all the trail and base lodge options availabe from those locations.

Click the link below for options and details for green circle level trails from Snowshed Slope.

Green Circle Trails

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