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Blue Square Trails from Skye Peak


Blue Trails from Superstar Quad Gateway is the most direct route to Bear Mountain Lodge from this point. Offloading the gondola it's a short shuffle to the left to the Great Eastern staging area, and then instead of turning the sharp left at the bottom of the onramp to stay on Great Eastern, make a less sharp left to accesss Gateway. This trail intersects with Bear Claw and leads to the Bear Mountain Base Lodge and the lifts that run out of that area.


Exiting the gondola to the staging area right in front of you, set up and exit the staging area to your right. Go down a short onramp, make a right turn at the bottom and you're at the Skyelark headwall. This remains a blue square trail until it combines with Highroad. To stay on a blue square trail, take Highroad to Bittersweet to go back to the Superstar Quad loading station or the K-1 Base Lodge. Otherwise, Highroad will lead you to the Skyeship Gondola mid station.

Lower Highroad BITTERSWEET

This trail is picked up by briefly following Great Eastern by bearing right at the bottom of the Skyelark headwall. When Great Eastern makes a turn to the right, go straight ahead to access Bittersweet. At the lower section, Bittersweet crosses Highroad and then drops off back to the Superstar Quad loading station or K-1 Base Lodge. Low Road is a short trail that comes off lower Bittersweet to the right, and leads to the trails coming off the top of Snowshead slope.


This trail is crossed by Skyelark and Bittersweet before running past the Northbrook Quad offloading station and terminating at the Skyeship Gondola mid station.

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