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Green Circle Trails from Lower Skye Peak


There's really only one green circle level trail option from the the top of Skye Peak Quad, Great Eastern. It is a long, long trail if you take it to it's terminus at the Skyeship Base Lodge.

To pick up Great Eastern, turn right after unloading from the Skyeship Quad. After leaving the staging area, Great Eastern turns to the left into a twisty turny section with lots of opportunity to take a wrong turn. Pay attention to trail markers and you will eventually arrive at the vista deck hut on your left.

Upper Great Eastern
Lower Great Eastern

From the vista deck hut, the lower section of the trail is less intimidating as it winds its way through the woods to eventually emerge at the Skyeship Base Lodge. There are a couple of flat sections that snowboarders may not be able to traverse without having sufficient speed going in. Otherwise, the lower section is more relaxing and a lot of fun.

If you want to go to Bear Mountain Lodge from the lower section of Great Eastern, take the green circle trail Bearly. If you want to go to either the K-1 Lodge, Snowshed Lodge or Ramshead Lodge, take the green circle trail Northbrook Crossover to the Skyeship Gondola mid station, and take the Northbrook Quad chair lift to the top of Snowshead slope. To get to the K-1 Base Lodge, go straight and then bear right and take Highlander to the Superstar Quad chair lift and on to the K-1 Base Lodge. For Snowshed or Ramshead Lodge, go down Snowshed to get to the Snowshed Lodge. Go through the tunnel under the access road to get to Ramshead Lodge.

Bottom Great Eastern

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