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Blue Square Trails from Lower Skye Peak


Blue Square Trails from Skye Peak Exiting the Skye Peak Quad chair lift to the left you'll find Skyeburst, a long trail that leads back down to Bear Mountain Base Lodge. Immediately over the edge that looks like it drops off to nowhere, the top part of this trail has a black diamond like headwall before the pitch calms down to more of a blue square level trail. About halfway down Skyeburst, you have to make a jog to your left and pick up Bear Claw for a short bit before you pick up Skyeburst once again for the lower section back to Bear Mountain Base Lodge.


About halfway down the upper section of Skyeburst, Northway turns off to the left. This is the route you'd take if you were headed to Dream Maker terrain park. After turning off of Skyeburst, the trail dips then climbs and then dips again before delivering you to the gates of the terrain park.


Exiting the Skye Peak Quad to the left puts you on Stashway, the path to the Stash terrain park. Once you pass the entrance gate, you're on Gateway for a short sprint to Bear Trax just before you reach the intersections with Bear Cub and the trail turns into Bear Claw and leads you to the Bear Mountain Base Lodge.

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