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Black Diamond Trails from Lower Skye Peak

ROUNDABOUT Skye Peak Quad Black Trails

This short but unique trail can be described as a twisty half-pipe through the trees with moguls. The trailhead is reached by exiting the Skye Peak Quad to the left, and following Stashway to Gateway. Roundabout begins on the far side of Bear Trax across the trail from where Gateway intersects. The start of this trail is an inertia generating drop into a small bowl that immediately funnels you down the trail at speed with little opportunity to effectively slow down. The trail essentially follows a narrow gully that is often strewn with struggling skiers and riders that should not even be on this trail. The trail comes out where the Southridge Triple chair lift used to start. But since this lift is no longer there, the only option is to follow Bear Cub back down to Bear Mountain Lodge, a rather boring end to a heart thumping start.


Exiting the Skye Peak Quad 180 degrees to the left puts you on the blue square section of the Skyeburst headwall. The black diamond section of this trail begins where Skyeburst intersects with Bear Claw. Rather than bear to the right on Bear Claw, continue straight ahead and you will come to the lower Skyeburst headwall. This is a short but intense drop in the middle of a predominately blue square level trail.


By exiting the Skye Peak Quad to the right around the corner and straight down the hill brings you to the top of the Dream Maker headwall. Often bumped up, this streep, reasonably wide trail lead you into Northway which in turn leads you into the Dream Maker terrain park, the Bear Mountain super-pipe, and Bear Mountain Lodge.


As with Dream Maker, by exiting the Skye Peak Quad to the right around the corner and straight down the hill, but bearing a little left to follow beneath the Skyeship Gondola, puts you on Thimble. This trail has backcountry qualities in that there are rock outcroppings and significant drops scattered throughout the upper section of this trail. There is a sane line to be had, but you need to pay attention. The trail emerges on Needle's Eye which leads to the Skyeship Gondola mid station area.


The upper section of Needle's Eye is a black diamond level trail that is little used because the trailhead is partially hidden by a thin stand of trees. On the trailmap, it looks like Needle's Eye would come straight off of Great Eastern. You will miss it however if you follow that route because of this thin stand of trees. To get to the Needle's Eye trailhead you go a little beyond where Great Eastern turns to the left before bearing left onto a parallel trail from which Needle's Eye begins. This upper section is often bumped up and leads down and crosses Great Eastern before continuing down the blue square lower portion of the trail to the Skyeship Gondla mid station area.


The Stash terain park is a brand and product of Burton Snowboards. It is a theme terrain park in that all the features are constructed with only natural materials: timber, or stone. Unlike traditional terrain parks, the Stash is set up in a non-linear way. That is, the features are not set up in a line, but are more scattered around. Consequently, the flow of park users is less predictable which increases the need to be extremely cautious. Exiting to the left from the Skye Peak Quad, and following Stashway to the left brings you to the start of the Stash. The exit is on Bear Claw which leads you to Bear Mountain Lodge.

Dream Maker terrain park is an upper level terrain park set up in the traditional linear way. It consists of the most difficult rail features and the biggest jumps. At the end of the terrain park, is the super-pipe, the 22 foot high wall half-pipe, and Bear Mountain Lodge beyond that.

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