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Blue Square Trails from the Skyeship Gondola Mid Station

The only blue square level trail directly accessible from the Northbrook Quad is the lower section of Highroad which, exiting the Northbrook Quad in a tight 180 degree turn to your left, would lead you right back to the Skyeship Gondola mid station. Unless you mistakenly took the Northbrook Quad, I don't know why anybody would want to do this.

Blue square level trails accessible from the Needle's Eye Quad chair lift are:


Blue Trails from Needle's Eye Quad Exiting to the left and following Great Eastern down and to the left, just over the little rise and down, continue down the hill instead of turning to the right and you pick up Cruise Control which starts out somewhat narrow and makes a few turns before widening out to a pleasant, very wide blue square level pitch down to the Skyeship Gondola Mid Station area.


Although the lower section of Needle's Eye is a blue square level trail, there really is no way to get to the trail other than by using a black diamond level connector. Although the trail map shows a connector from Great Eastern, this trail, although technically present, is not useable and is usually closed. So, for all practical purposes, unless you're comfortable with black diamond level terrain, this trail is not accessible for blue square level skiers and riders.


Exiting the Needle's Eye Quad to the right leads onto the upper section of Bittersweet. This trail leads to a junction point where you can continue on Bittersweet to the K-1 Base Lodge area, or take Highroad to the right and either turn off onto the Snowshed Slope area, or continue back to the Skyeship Gondola Mid Station area.

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