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Black Diamond Level Trails from the Skyeship Gondola Mid Station

There are no black diamond level trails directly accessible from the Northbrook Quad.
From the Needle's Eye Quad, the directly accessible black diamond trails are:

Blue Trails from Needle's Eye Quad PANIC BUTTON, NEEDLE'S EYE, THIMBLE

Exit to the left for each of these three connector trails that lead to lower Needle's Eye. An immediate 180 turn to the left brings you to the threshold of Panic Button. This is the most used method to access the lower section of Needle's Eye. It's a steep dogleg to the right.

Down the hill a bit from the lift is Needle's Eye. This connector is relatively flat at first but it is usually bumped up quite a bit. Lastly, lower Thimble is the tamest section of this trail. Any of these three connectors delivers you to the top of the blue square section of Needle's Eye.


Exiting to the right and making a quick 180 to the right put you at the top of a very steep, somewhat narrow headwall that is often bumped up. Watch for rocks. After this initial headwall, the pitch decreases briefly before dropping into another steep pitch toward the lower part of this run. The trail runs out onto the flat section of Highroad and leads back to the Skyeship Gondola Mid Station.


This trail is a narrow mogul run beneath the Needle's Eye Quad. Look at it on the way up. It is not for the faint hearted, and is more difficult than it may look. It can be accessed from the top, or the bottom of Panic Button.


The one glades trail accessible from the Needle's Eye Quad is The Stairs. This trail is accessed from the bottom of the Vertigo headwall, or by a traversing connector trail from the bottom of Panic Button, crossing both Stitchline, and Vertigo. The upper section of The Stairs is tight and steep. It becomes less steep and opens up a bit the lower you go. You can take this trail down to lower Highroad and back to the Skyeship Gondola Mid Station.

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