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Skyeship Gondola to the Mid Station

Skyeship Gondola Mid Station

The only lift option from the Skyeship Base Lodge is via the Skyeship Gondola. This maximum 8 person gondola runs from the Skyeship Base Lodge to Skye Peak with a stop about half way. Skiers or riders loading at the base lodge have the option of getting off at the mid station, or not.

For those exiting at the mid station, with the exception of Carpenter's Run, a green circle trail that is very flat and leads back to Great Eastern, it will be necessary to take another lift in order to get out of the bottom of this bowl like area. There are two lift options available from the mid station, the Northbrook Quad, and the Needle's Eye Quad. The Northbrook Quad delivers you to the top of Snowshed Slope where you can access the lifts and or services available from the K-1, Snowshed or Ramshead lodges. The Needle's Eye Quad delivers you about half way up Skye Peak where you can access trails that take you back to the mid station, or to any of Killington's five base lodges.

For a description of trail options, follow the links below.

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