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Skyeship Base Lodge

Skyeship Base Lodge

The Skyeship Base Lodge is the other of the two base lodges that are out in left field relative to the rest of the resort. Located on Route 4, about six miles east of where the Killington access road intersects with Route 4, the Skyeship Base Lodge is the closest of the Killington points of entry if you're coming north on either I-89, or I-91.

Although parking on the lodge side of Route 4 is somewhat limited, there is a large lot to the north. An overhead foot bridge provides access to the lodge from this lot so you don't have to cross Route 4 in your ski boots.

This base lodge offers the least level of services of the other base lodges. Skyeship Mid Station However, if you don't need to rent equipment, this lodge provides uncrowded access to Killington's network of trails.

The Skyeship Gondola, with a stop at the mid station, runs to Skye Peak. Sometimes, during high wind or other weather related issues, this Gondola will only run to the mid station. However, you can still access the entire resort from this point.

For more detail about the lifts and trails that service these peaks and mountains, follow the links below:

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