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Blue Square Trails from Skye Peak

Blue Trails from Superstar Quad GATEWAY

Gateway is the most direct route to Bear Mountain Lodge from this point. Offloading the lift it's a short shuffle straight ahead to Gateway. This trail goes over the back, turns to the left, and intersects with Bear Claw.


Exiting the lift and turning left you'll probably encounter a mound of snow. Bear to the left at the top and a short connector trail past where the folks from the Skyeship Gondola are funelling in, brings you to the Skyelark headwall. This remains a blue square trail until it combines with Highroad. To stay on a blue square trail, take Highroad to Bittersweet to go back to the Superstar Quad loading station or the K-1 Base Lodge. Otherwise, Highroad will lead you to the Skyeship Gondola mid station.

Lower Highroad LAUNCH PAD

Offloading the lift and turning to your right leads to Nivis Walk a short connector trail that leads to Launch Pad. Although this trail is marked as a black diamond trail, it is because it is narrow. It should be no problem for blue square level skiers and riders. Once on Launch Pad you will traverse across the base of the top Superstar headwall. Launch Pad continues to traverse Skye Peak, across Skyelark and ends up at the top of Bittersweet. By taking either of these two trails you will encounter Highroad, with which you can go to the Skyeship Gondola mid station, or turn off onto Highlander to go to the K-1, Snowshed, or Ramshead base lodges, or take Bittersweet back to the Superstar Quad loading station.


This trail is picked up off of either Launch Pad or Great Eastern. There are two options for the top part, one goes near where the Needle's Eye quad chair lift offloads. At the lower section, Bittersweet crosses Highroad and then drops off back to the Superstar Quad loading station or K-1 Base Lodge. Low Road is a short trail that comes off lower Bittersweet to the right, and leads to the trails coming off the top of Snowshead slope.


This trail originates as an off-ramp from mid Superstar and traverses the middle of Skye Peak, crossing Skyelark and Bittersweet before running past the Northbrook Quad offloading station and terminating at the Skyeship Gondola mid station.

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