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Black Diamond Trails from Skye Peak

Black Trails from Skye Peak SUPERSTAR

Exiting the Superstar Quad and making a sharp turn to the left leads you across a narrow goat trail onto the top of the Superstar upper headwall. This wide trail levels out quite a bit at the bottom of the headwall before pitching off onto the lower headwall and leading back to the Superstar Quad loading station area. This is a popular trail and the headwall sections are often skied off and bumped up in the afternoon, with challenging mogul fields at the trail edges, especially the left edge on the lower headwall. This is truly a black diamond trail and should be accorded the proper respect. Be especially mindful of skiers and riders on this trail that are way out of their league and operating in survival mode.


This trail can be accessed by taking Nivis Walk to your right to Launch Pad. The upper portion of Ovation is not too steep but is not usually groomed. The lower Ovation headwall, however, besides being one of the steeper trails of the resort, is a bit rough. If you fall, you will slide to the bottom, and everybody lounging on the K-1 Base Lodge deck watching you will have a good laugh. Keep that in mind. Fortunately, if you reach the lower headwall and decide that discretion is the better part of valor, you can detour over to Superstar and maintain your dignity.

Glades Trails on Skye Peak SKYEHAWK AND SKYELARK

Skyehawk drops off of the connector part of Skyelark before reconnecting with Skyelark or off-ramping to Superstar. This headwall section is rarely groomed so expect it to be natural terrain and all that accompanies such a state. The lower section of Skyelark is a black diamond trail for its steepness. It also goes ungroomed sometimes, especially if a lot of snowmaking is occuring, which allows it to bump up. It can be a lot of fun this way when the snow has some cushion in it.


Somewhere and Nowhere are short, narrow glades trails that run between Bittersweet and Skyelark off of Launch Pad. Skyebits runs off of Highroad between lower Skyelark and lower Bittersweet.

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