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Skye Peak Quad to Lower Skye Peak

Skye Peak Quad

The Skye Peak Quad chair lift runs from the Bear Mountain Base Lodge to lower Skye Peak. Skye Peak trails are spread out over three distinct sections of the mountain that are serviced by three different lifts. The Superstar Quad chair lift services the Killington Peak side, the Skyeship Gondola services Skye Peak proper, and the Skye Peak Quad chair lift services the Bear Mountain side.

The Skye Peak Quad chair lift used to be a 15 minute ride from bottom to top. You could take a short nap along the way. This was reduced to less than half that time when they replaced the lift a few years ago. It's still a long distance lift so it does take a bit of time. Unlike the Bear Mountain Quad, there is plenty of opportunity to link with any other area of the resort from the Skye Peak Quad trails. Also, unlike the trails from Bear Mountain, blue is the predominant color for trails from this part of Skye Peak. The links below provide trail details according to skill level.

Green Circle Trails | Blue Square Trails | Black Diamond Trails

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