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Superstar Express Quad to Skye Peak

Skye Peak Trails

From the K-1 Base Lodge, to your left if you're facing the mountain, the Superstar Express Quad chair lift is one access point to the trails dripping off of Skye Peak. For the most part, Skye Peak is home to the greatest variety of blue square trails.

Via the Superstar Express Quad chair lift, there are many trail options by which you can easily access all of the other base lodges by using trails that are suitable for either green circle, blue square, or black diamond level skiers or riders. Sometimes, for example, the route from Skye Peak to Ramshead Lodge for a green circle level skier or rider may not be the most direct route, but you can get there even if you're only comfortable with green circle trails

These trail options are listed below according to difficulty, as well as where the various trails lead:

Green Circle Trails | Blue Square Trails | Black Diamond Trails

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