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Green Circle Trails from Ramshead Mountain


Caper TrailRather than a trail such as Easy Street where the one option is to ski or ride from top to bottom, take the lift back up and do it again, Caper is a trail that gives you a couple of other options. This trail exits the Ramshead Quad staging area to the right and starts out with a bit of pitch and then levels out into a slight downhill glide that will test the quality of your wax. There are several other trails that feed into Caper from the right, first Frolic, then Vagabond, and finally Bear, before you come to a fork. Caper actually makes a left turn here. If you go straight ahead, you're now on Great Northern. Following Caper leads to a Great Northern crossing at the Snowdon Quad chair lift loading station. If you find yourself here, you can turn left onto Great Northern and take it back to Ramshead Base Lodge, or take the Snowdon Quad to the top of Snowdon Mountain. However, if you would have gone straight back at the fork, you would have ended up at the K-1 Base Lodge where you could have branched out from there, or turned left onto Great Northern for a long slog past the Snowdon Quad loading station and back to Ramshead Base Lodge.

Easy Street Trail EASY STREET

After a novice skier or rider feels comfortable navigating Snowshed, Easy Street is a good next step. This trail is about twice as long, and involves a much greater variety of terrain features. As you can see from the trail map, Easy Street twists and turns back and forth across Header. There are a couple of sections of the trail that are a bit flat and off-camber, one about half way down, just before turning onto and combining with Header, and another at the very bottom. If you don't carry enough speed and stay up on the high side in these sections, you will find yourself stuck on the side of the trail.


Ramshead Mountain has the only green circle grades trail within the whole resort. End Zone is a short trail to the left off the last section of Easy Street after you turn back off Header. If you're a green circle level skier or rider with a hankering to play in the trees, this would be the first spot to check out.

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