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Blue Square Trails from Ramshead Mountain

Blue trails on Ramshead HEADER

This trail is a good choice for first time on a blue square trail. It's super-wide and dead straight, following the chair lift. There are three blue square level pitches spread out along the length of the trail with gentler terrain in between. This is a great trail for practicing carved turns.


Squeeze Play is the only blue square glades trail within the resort. It's a wide glades area that is very open, the trees are widely spaced allowing for a lot of route variation. Although you can enter the trail from spots along the right edge of Timberline, the trail head is off of Caper just to the right of where Timberline begins. At the top, just to the right of Timberline there is a small half pipe like gully that runs for about 50 yards that is a lot of fun. Squeeze Play is steeper near the top section of the glades. About half way down there is a gully that must be forded. There are a few spots where the trail dips through the gully. Look for them rather than try and blast through just anywhere. About three quarters of the way down you cross a road. After that, the glades area narrows as it funnels down to where it finally spits you out at the tail end of Great Northern


If you exit the Ramshead Quad chair lift to the right, there is a terrain park set up at the top of Swirl. This type of terrain park does not have jumps and rails. Rather it is composed of different terrain features such as bumps and such.

For the more traditional terrain park, Timberline has what is called a beginners terrain park, but some of the jumps and rail features are a good bit beyond what a beginner should be faced with. That said, there are some small jumps and ski or ride on rails that are appropriate for aspiring park rats. Be safe. Practice Smart Style. At the top end of the Timberline Terrain Park is a mini half pipe that is good training if you have your sights set on trying out the super pipe on Bear Mountain.

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