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Ramshead Mountain and Base Lodge

Ramshead Base Lodge is separated from Snowshed Base Lodge by two pedestrian tunnel underpasses that go under the Killington access road. One underpass connects the two parking areas, and the other underpass is a skiable trail that connects the two lodges. Ramshead Base Lodge is the home of the childrens ski and snowboard school. There is a childrens learning area here that is especially appropriate for the youngest students, with two Magic Carpet belt lifts.

Ramshead Base Lodge area
Ramshead Mountain Trails

The trails from Ramshead Mountain are mostly green circle and blue square level trails. Generally, these green circle trails provide the second tier, Snowshed Slope being the first tier, for novice skiers and riders, and the first tier for those skiers and riders transitioning to blue square level trails. Ramshead Mountain also hosts the only green circle, and blue square level glades trails. The Timberline terrain park is also a popular Reamshead Mountain feature.

Check these links for more details:

Green Circle Trails | Blue Square Trails

Ramshead Mountain is accessed via the Ramshead Express Quad chair lift. The K-1 Base Lodge, and its trails and connectors, as well as Snowshed Slope and its trails and connectors are both easily accessible from Ramshead Mountain.

Most importantly, the Killington medical clinic is located at Ramshead Base Lodge. It's the big yellow building next to the Killington access road underpass. This is the place where the ski patrol will take skiers or riders that need first aid, or where you can go to get first aid.

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