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Blue Square Trails from Killington Peak


For blue square skiers and riders, Great Northern is a long blue trail that starts from Killington Peak, winds its way down and across the mountain to, and across lower Snowdon Peak, turns to a green trail when it intersects with Caper, and ends up at the Ramshead Base Lodge.

The section of this trail near the top of Killington Peak, after you make the first sharp left hand turn at the end of the short run after the starting point, is narrow and somewhat flat with a perilous looking dropoff on the right. It is often crowded with a mix of skill levels. On busy days, you are likely to encounter expert skiers and riders headed for the expert trails that go zooming by, weaving in and out of the beginners that are slowly zig-zagging across the trail, as well as those that choose to stop for some inexplicable reason, or have fallen down.

After the upper sections, there are a couple of flat sections along the way to Ramshead that may also present difficulties, especially for snowboarders, unless you know where these sections are and carry sufficient speed at the beginning to carry you through.

There are also several busy intersection points along this trail where traffic coming and going to and from other intersecting trails merges and meanders from many different directions without the benefit of traffic control.



After turning that first corner on Great Northern, Juggernaut intersects almost immediately to your right. This is really a cross-country ski trail. It's really not suitable for snowboards, unless you want to practice your scooching. It is very long, ending at the Skyeship Base Lodge, and flat. It isn't usually crowded, even on the busiest days, however. If you like solitude, and poleing through the woods, Juggernaut may be the trail for you.


Great Northern may also be briefly used to access Bear Trax, to get to the generally expert level terrain on Bear Mountain, as well as the Bear Mountain base lodge.


From the top of the K-1 Gondola, Great Northern, exits the set-up area, and turns sharply to the left. After turning the corner, If you want to head over to Bear Mountain lodge and its chair lifts, you can get there by taking Blue Heaven, immediately on your right. Once on this trail, you can either take Pipe Dream, a blue square trail to you left, or follow Blue Heaven until it turns into The Jug, and taking the blue square trail Escape to your left. Both of these options will lead you to Bear Trax, which starts out as a blue square trail and then, at the intersection with Bear Cub, turns into Bear Claw, a blue square trail that leads to the Bear Mountain Lodge.

Bear Trax
LAUNCH PAD Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall

If you want to head over to the plethora of blue square trails that adorn Skye Peak, the most direct way to get there from the top of the K-1 Gondola is via Launch Pad. To get to this trail, take Great Northern off of Killington Peak and then take Bear Trax, a blue square trail to your right. Launch Pad will turn off to your left. This is a narrowish, flattish trail through the woods that emerges at the mid-level of Skye Peak, and crosses a bunch of blue square trails. Most of these trails will lead to the Superstar Express Quad chair lift, or the K-1 Lodge, and the K-1 Gondola. Or, you can also transition onto High Road, a blue square trail that leads to either Snowshed Lodge, or the Skyeship Gondola mid-station.


This series of blue square trails are serviced by the Northridge Triple chair lift. Exiting Killington Peak via Great Northern. After negotiating the narrow lead out, and short downhill into the flats that traverse a host of double black diamond trails, you will come to first East Fall, then Rime, both to your right. Either of these trails lead to the North Ridge Triple chair lift, which takes you to the top of these trails.

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