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Killington Guide

K-1 Base Lodge

The K-1 Main Base Lodge.

This guide focuses on getting around Killington's peaks and mountains on the appropriate trails. Get a copy of the Trail Guide and use it help orient yourself, and for details about the facilities each of the base lodges provide. However, keep in mind that if you find yourself at some distant base lodge without the will or desire to navigate youself back, a free shuttle service runs between all the base lodges.

The K-1 base lodge is situated at the end of the Killington access road, and provides a more or less centralized location for the trails that run from the lifts servicing the center three of Killington's five peaks: Killington Peak, Skye Peak, and Snowdon Mountain.

For more detail about the lifts and trails that service these peaks and mountains, follow the links below.

Killington Peak | Skye Peak | Snowdon Mountain

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