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Green Circle Trails from Bear Mountain


For green circle level skiers and riders, the Bear Mountain Quad chair lift offers only one option, Ridgewiew. This is a relatively short connector trail that leads to Bear Cub which is long and has some flattish sections that may be an issue for snowboarders unless you have a recently waxed base and don't tarry along the way.

Bear Cub eventually leads you past the Sunrise Village area, down a couple of switch back turns, and across a bridge to the flat home stretch back to the base lodge. You could vist Sunrise Village by taking Sundog or the Sunrise Trail. However, If you do visit Sunrise Village, you'll have to take the Sunrise Village Triple chair lift to Bearview in order to get back to the Bear Mountain Base Lodge area.

Bear Mt Green Trail
Sunrise Village

So, for green circle level skiers and riders, taking the Bear Mountain Quad and running back to the base lodge might be fun to do once, but taking the Skye Peak Quad will yield a lot more options.

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