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Blue Square Trails from Bear Mountain


Bear Claw Trail The only blue square level trail emerging from the top of Bear Mountain, Bear Claw starts out with a wide, spacious swath of snow that has a pretty mild pitch. Then you come to the edge of a genuine blue square incline. You have two options at this point. There is an island of woods just down from the edge that spits the trail into two variations. If you stay to the right, Bear Claw merges with the black diamond Wildfire just as you bear left to merge with the where you'd be if you would have taken the left fork at the top. Either of these options have a good bit of pitch to them. At the merge, Bear Claw bears to the left in a sweeping turn before seamlessly joining Skyeburst.


Continuing on Skyburst, in a wide turn to the right, you come to another crest. Over the crest, this lower section of Skyeburst feels like a different trail than Bear Claw even though there's no apparent reason it should have changed names. It's a reasonably wide trail with a pretty medium pitch, just enough to keep you moving well, but not so much that you wish you had a drag chute. You'll have a clear view of the Bear Mountain Base Lodge as you descend, and a clear shot at skiing or riding right into either of the two Bear Mountain lift lines.

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