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Black Diamond Trails from Bear Mountain


Black Trails Bearing to the right after unloading from the Bear Mountain Quad, the upper section of Wildfire is pretty tame. That soon changes as the pitch increases incrementally as you descend. This trail often bumps up, sometimes hugely, especially the steeper part of the upper section. The trail makes a right turn where it intersects with Bear Claw. Soon thereafter is a large hip on the right with the left, off-camber, side of the trail skirting the hip. Again, this trail often bumps up, especially the left side. If you want to load up on the Skye Peak Quad make a right turn at the bottom where you have to negotiate a snow fence gate. Otherwise continue straight ahead and load up on the Bear Mountain Quad.


Make a 180 degree turn to the left after unloading from the Bear Mountain Quad and you're at the crest of Outer Limits. This is the overall steepest trail Killington has to offer. Every inch of the trail is steep. No varying pitches here. You'll have watched skiers and riders ripping down Outer Limits as you were going up the chair lift. Many make it look easy, and the bumps don't look all that bad from the chair lift. Don't be fooled. It isn't easy, and the bumps are a lot bigger when you're looking down. This trail is often groomed, so the best shot at having a smooth surface is in the morning.


To the right of Outer Limits is the infamous Devil's Fiddle. This trail is nuts. It's never groomed, is peppered with near vertical hips, and is just a downright high adreline survival mode trail. If you can get it just after a couple feet of new snow it's a blast. Otherwise, pack that drag chute.


There are three glades trails on Bear Mountain, Centerpiece and Growler, on either side of Outer Limits. In other words, as steep as Outer Limits with trees in the way. The third trail, Devil's Den, starts about half way down Devil's Fiddle on the right.

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